Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC)

State Capital Improvement/Local Transportation Improvements Programs

Buckeye Hills serves as the liaison for District 18 of the SCIP/LTIP, funded by the OPWC. These programs provide funding for road, bridge, culvert, water, wastewater, solid waste, and storm water facility projects in the ten county region.

Over the course of the past 20 years the SCIP/LTIP Program has brought approximately $140 million into District 18 to assist local governments in developing infrastructure.

All questions related to the OPWC program should be directed to Development Specialist Michelle Hyer.

Round 32 Applications Due September 1, 2017

You are responsible for checking the OPWC website for the most up to date application available: CLICK HERE

NameRound File
Application Checklist32DOC (42kb)
Evaluation Criteria32PDF (34kb)
Examples of Attachments32DOC (165kb)
Examples of Completed Application32PDF (178kb)
Guideline Booklet32PDF (124kb)
Link for Application32DOC (19kb)
Membership Roster32PDF (89kb)
Repair/Replacement: New Expansion Definitions32PDF (15kb)
Subdivision Codes32PDF (95kb)
Supplemental Sheet for Bridge Projects32DOC (47kb)
Supplemental Sheet for Road, Culvert, GR & Storm Water32DOC (51kb)
Supplemental Sheet for Water & Sewer Project 32DOC (51kb)
Timetable32PDF (19kb)
Training Powerpoint32PDF (561kb)