June 13, 2017

Evidence-Based Health Education

Healthy U: The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, known in Ohio as “Healthy U”, has been proven to help you manage chronic symptoms better and spend fewer days in the hospital.  In this program, you will learn to manage your symptoms and emotions better, improve your diet and physical activity level, communicate effectively with your doctor and members of your care team, and make good decisions and solve problems relating to your health.

This program is weekly sessions scheduled over six weeks.

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Diabetes Self-Management

HEALTHY U: Diabetes builds on the successful structure of HEALTHY U: Chronic Disease, but is tailored specifically for adults living with type 2 diabetes. Like other HEALTHY U programs, workshops are conducted in a series of six, 2 1/2 hour weekly sessions at locations within your community, by workshop leaders with personal experience dealing with diabetes and diabetes-related conditions.



Diabetes Education Empowerment Program (DEEP) was developed by the University of Illinois at Chicago and is an interactive pr


ogram that provides participants with tools to better manage diabetes. It is conducted in six weekly two-hour sessions and is based on principles of empowerment and adult education. The primary goal of DEEP is to empower participants in diabetes self-management efficacy. This program is six weekly sessions scheduled over six weeks.


HEALTHY U: Chronic Pain helps participants who live with back pain, nerve pain, fibromyalgia and other types of chronic pain to improve their confidence in managing their symptoms and daily activities. Like the other HEALTHY U programs, participants attend a series of workshops where they learn to develop action plans to incorporate changes in their lifestyle, improve nutrition, increase physical activity, and deal more positively with emotional issues associated with their condition.



STEADY U helps Ohioans understand that falls are not a normal part of aging and that most falls can be prevented through minor changes in home, health and habits.

Find more information and resources for falls prevention at www.STEADYU.Ohio.gov



A Matter of Balance:

A Matter of Balance is an award-winning group program that emphasizes practical strategies to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels. Participants meet in small groups in community settings once a week for 8 weeks, where they learn to view falls as controllable, set realistic goals, change their environment to reduce risk factors and exercise to increase strength and balance. A Matter of Balance is offered through area agencies on aging, senior centers, local aging network providers and health departments. Learn more about A Matter of Balance.


Tai Chi: Tai Chi is a centuries-old, mind and body practice that involves fluid, whole-body movements that gently challenge and strengthen balance, mental focus, deep breathing and relaxation. It has been proven to improve balance and reduce falls and may have other health benefits as well.

Tai Chi is available in many Ohio counties. Learn more about Tai Chi.


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