April 4, 2018

Infrastructure Needs Survey

Buckeye Hills is working with member communities and local officials to develop a picture of infrastructure needs across the region. Our goal is to be prepared should an infrastructure bill be introduced by the United States Congress. President Trump presented the framework for such a bill in February 2018. You can find the text of this outline at the link below.

‘Legislative Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America’

We are asking our members to complete the form below, describing needed infrastructure projects in your community. The form is intentionally brief, in order to facilitate entering multiple projects by completing the form as many times as necessary. (One project per entry.) A form created in Microsoft Word document is also available below for convenience.

Infrastructure Needs Form – Word Document (Submit completed Word forms to Anthony Iachini, aiachini@buckeyehills.org.)

For questions about this effort, please contact Development Director Bret Allphin, ballphin@buckeyehills.org.

Please have all projects entered in the form by June 30, 2018.