September 10, 2015


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2017 Appalachian Assistance Return on Investment Report

In 2017, Ohio’s LDDs administered 52 projects with $47,171,621 in total project costs (including $10,100,057 in federal and state investments) that resulted in 447 new jobs and 2,061 jobs retained.
Ohio’s Local Development Districts accomplish this by fostering partnerships among local governments, building public-private alliances and making strategic investments. The four Local Development Districts work to achieve the greatest impact leveraging limited resources to bring more funding into the Region.
Ohio’s Local Development Districts secured $34.91 in direct Appalachian project dollars for every $1 spent on administration.
2017 Buckeye Hills Annual Community Benefit Report

Total costs for Buckeye Hills Economic & Community Development Division projects completed over the past year were approximately $50 million with local communities and private business leveraging $19.5 million (39%) against the $30.8 million (61%) provided through state and federal funding resources.

Buckeye Hills also administered $16,798,914 in Aging & Disability Division programs and services in the 2017 calendar year with local communities leveraging $573,055 against the $16,225,971 provided
through state and federal
funding sources.

2016 Buckeye Hills Annual Community Benefit Report