What's New?
Governor John Kasich designated Buckeye Hills as an Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO). RTPOs formalize and strengthen the rural consultation and transportation planning processes, more closely linking them to potential economic and community development planning efforts.
The 2017-18 Appalachian Regional Impact Capital Budget Recommendations Report: These projects were identified as having significant regional impact worthy of investment by the state of Ohio. These projects will leverage other resources, and are congruent with one of five overarching regional objectives that are common to each organizational partner’s mission, and to our shared purpose of advancing Appalachian Ohio to a level of parity with the rest of the state and the nation. Please note, not all projects submitted for the state’s capital budget project process are included within; some were submitted directly to the region’s legislators by the project sponsor and/or the regional partners.