OPWC Round 27 Grant Information

Applications DUE October 1, 2012 by 5:00p.m.  Must have 1 original and 2 copies.


You are responsible for checking the OPWC website for the most up to date application available:  CLICK HERE

Round 27 Timetable (18kb .pdf)

Application Checklist (13kb .pdf)

Capital Improvement Report (CIR) Instructions (14kb .pdf)

CIR Page 1 - Summary Form

CIR Page 2 - Five Year Plan/ Maintenance of Effort

CIR Form - Example (27kb .pdf)

Evaluation Criteria (27kb .pdf)

Examples of Attachments (64kb .pdf) 

Guideline Booklet (118kb .pdf)

Membership Roster (82kb .pdf)

Repair/Replacement: New Expansion Def. (27kb .doc) 

Subdivision Codes (43kb .pdf)

Supplemental Sheet for Bridge Proj. (41kb .doc) 

Supplemental Sheet for Road, Culv., Guard., & Storm Water Proj. (45kb .doc) 

Supplemental Sheet for Water & Sewer Proj. (43kb .doc) 

Training Powerpoint (583kb .pdf)