Below are the goals and objectives crafted through collaborative efforts with Buckeye Hills RTPO staff and members of both the Technical Advisory and Citizens Advosory Committees. These goals and objectives were created in April 2014 and are subject to update and change without notice as the plan document is completed. 


Background Information

For background information on transportation and transportation issues in the Buckeye Hills region, please see Chapter 4 of the 2010 CEDS Document, pages 14 - 23.

Proposed Transportation Legislation

GROW AMERICA - US DOT Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill Proposal - April 30, 2014

Current Transportation Legislation

MAP 21 Bill Text
MAP 21 - Summary of Highway Provisions
Buckeye Hills Rural Transportation Planning Organizations - Resolution

Appalachian Development Highway System (ADHS)

Executive Summary - ADHS Cost to Complete Report - October 2012

Other Resources

Buckeye Hills - HVRDD Transportation Opinion Survey - Findings Report (January 2014 - 1.3mb .pdf)
Mid Ohio Valley Intermodal Study - Vol. 2 - General Cargo (January 2012 - 8mb .pdf)
Ohio Port Authorities Listing 2012
ODOT Program Resource Guide

A meeting of the Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional Development District Executive Committee

is scheduled for Friday, February 5, 2016 at 11:30 am 

at Buckeye Hills Training Room, located at 1400 Pike Street, Marietta, Ohio.

Please R.S.V.P. by February 1, 2016 to Jenny Simmons by calling 740.376.1026 or emailing


Highlights of Agenda

The Buckeye Hills Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) Technical Advisory and Citizens Advisory Committees 
will meet again at 1400 Pike Street, Marietta, OH. Date TBD

If you have any questions regarding this meeting, please contact Karen Pawloski, Transportation Planning Manager, at 740-376-7658.
Click here for directions.

As part of the Regional Transportation Planning activities being undertaken by Buckeye Hills, a public participation plan is being developed. This document will outline the policies governing the program, the structure of the program itself, as well as the methods by which citizens, businesses, organizations, and other regional partners can participate in the planning process.  A draft is currently in process and available for comment below. Both the Techincal Advisory Committee and the Citizens Advisory Committee will have an opportunity to submit comments and input during committee meetings. Please submit any additional comments to Karen Pawloski at 740-376-7658. 



Public Participation Plan - Final  January 10, 2014 (PDF 215 kb)

Public Participation Plan - Appendix January 10, 2014 (PDF 2.6 mb)

New Committee Member Orientation Materials March 6, 2013 (PDF 298 kb)

Environmental Justice Maps  

Environmental Justice Factors
Minority Populations
Aging Populations
Poverty Populations
Total Combined Factors

Other Environmental Justice Information
Regional Population Density
Median Family Income
Zero Car Households

Please use the links and documents below to submit your FY 2017 - 2018 State of Ohio Capital Budget submissions. Further information will be posted on this page as it becomes available, please check back for updates. 

Further information on project eligibility:

Appropriations for some purposes are not provided in the Capital Bill. For instance, debt-support appropriations for highway purposes are authorized in the biennial transportation budget. In addition, appropriations for some purposes are only made in the aggregate and do not specify individual projects. For example, capital funding to support local government infrastructure is appropriated to the Public Works Commission where statute governs the project selection process. 

For further information on eligibility, please read Appendix E, available here

All projects must be submitted by 5 p.m., Friday, December 11, 2015. 

STEP 1: Read the LDD Submission Memo 

STEP 2: Visit the OBM Captial Budget Website for Additional Project Guidelines

STEP 3: Fill out the Online Capital Budget Project Request Form Below to Submit Your Project for Regional Consideration


The Appalachian region is home to more than 25 million people covering 420 counties in 13 states from New York to Mississippi. The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) is a federal-state partnership that works with the people of Appalachia to create opportunities for economic development and improved quality of life.

Projects create thousands of new jobs, improve local water and sewer systems, increase workforce skills, and expand health care access. By creating or retaining jobs, providing access to education or training, and increasing availability to water and sanitary sewer services, the projects administered by LDDs build the region’s infrastructure for future growth.

2014 Ohio ARC Impact Report

In 2014, Ohio’s LDDs administered 63 ARC projects with $72,140,914 in total project costs which resulted in 750 new jobs and another 2,025 jobs retained in the region.

We accomplish this by fostering dynamic partnerships among local governments, building public-private alliances and making strategic investments for community and economic prosperity.

LDDs secured $56 in Direct Project Dollars for every $1 spent on administration.

Buckeye Hills administered 11 ARC Projects with Total Project Costs of $11,960,861 that resulted in 72 jobs created and 153 jobs retained in the district. Funding was provided by Federal ARC, Appalachian Development Highway System and the Ohio Governor’s Office of Appalachia.

2013 Ohio ARC Impact Report

In 2013, Ohio’s Local Development Districts (LDDs) administered 48 ARC projects with $49,104,840 in total project costs which resulted in 829 new jobs and another 2,434 jobs retained in the region. LDDs secured $49 in Direct Project Dollars for every $1 spent on administration.

Funding provided by Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), Appalachian Development Highway System (ADHS) and the Ohio Development Services Agency through the Ohio Governor’s Office of Appalachia.

2012 Ohio ARC Impact Report

Four Ohio agencies (Buckeye Hills-HVRDD, Eastgate, OMEGA & OVRDC) serve as Local Development Districts (LDD) for 32 of the state's Applachian counties. Ohio's Appalachian counties cover an area larger than Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island combined; they make up 17% of Ohio's population and cover 36% of Ohio's geography.

In 2012: Ohio’s LDDs administered 49 ARC projects with $34,451,854 in total project costs which resulted in 876.5 new jobs and another 4,091 jobs retained in the region. LDDs secured $46.21 in Direct Project Dollars for every $1 spent on administration.  

Funding provided by Federal ARC, ADHS and the Governor’s Office of Appalachia.


2014 Annual Report

Annual Report Archives

2014 County Reports


2014 Audit Report


Athens County

City of Athens

Athens Area Chamber

Athens Business Remixed

Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

ODOT STIP Homepage

District 10 STIP List

ODOT District 10 STIP Maps/ Datasheets (2012-2017 Projects and Bridges)

Athens (PDF 562kb)
Gallia (PDF 559kb)*
Hocking (PDF 2mb)
Meigs (PDF 582kb)
Monroe (PDF 638kb)
Morgan (PDF 592kb)
Noble (PDF 1.4mb)
Vinton (PDF 1.4mb)*
Washington (PDF 1.9mb)

**Perry - ODOT District 5 STIP Listing**

*Non Buckeye Hills county covered by ODOT District 10

If you have questions, or for further information please contact:

Ohio Department of Transportation – District 10
Planning and Engineering Department
338 Muskingum Drive
Marietta Oh, 45750

STIP Sample Maps

Application documents for funding programs offered by Buckeye Hills can be found below, or in the menu to the right.
For more information or questions about these documents, please contact the staff member listed for each program.

ARC or GOA - Melissa Zoller

EDA - Bret Allphin

OPWC - Michelle Hyer

NRAC - Michelle Hyer

Small Government - Michelle Hyer

RLF - Tina Meunier

ODSA (Ohio Dept. Services Agency - former ODOD)


Bret Allphin – Development Director

Melissa Zoller - Development Specialist III

Michelle Hyer - Development Specialist III/District 18 Liaison

Tina Meunier - Business Development Coordinator

Buckeye Hills Area Agency on Aging 8

Debra Huff – AAA8 Director

Dawn Weber, LSW, LNHA - Home Care Director

Cathy Ash, LSW – Program Manager


Kim Flanigan - Long-Term Care Ombudsman Director


Jamie Lewis, CNA/MCSA - Security MIS Director


Gwynn Stewart - Communications Director

Buckeye Hills Fiscal Department

Denise Keyes –Fiscal Director

Financial Assistance for Small Business & Industry
"Investing in Communities"

The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) offers loans to businesses in conjunction with a bank. Such funds are used in the event that full financing cannot be obtained from a bank, or to fill the "gap" between a bank loan and the financing necessary to complete a proposed business project. The RLF will not provide 100% financing of a project.

Eligible Applicants:

  • Existing or new for profit business, partnership, cooperative or corporation engaged in manufacturing, service or retail activities, that will be or is presently located within the Buckeye Hills‐Hocking Valley Regional Development District. The District includes Athens, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Noble, Perry and Washington Counties.
  • One full‐time job equivalent (40 hours per week) must be created or retained for every $25,000 of Revolving Loan Fund financing.

Since the inception of the RLF Program, it has made 130 loans totaling more than $7.8 million. These loans have created or retained 1,600 jobs in the 8-county region. 

The RLF program is one of the primary economic development tools serving small businesses in rural areas. With these funds, the RLF has generated $27.8 M in other funds invested in the region. Total investment from all funds has been $35.6M.

To learn more, contact Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional Development District Revolving Loan Fund Business Development Coordinator: Tina Meunier at 740-376-1033 or 1-800-835-8088 or by email at:

Non-Discrimination Statement
"This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer."

If you wish to file a Civil Rights program complaint of discrimination, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, found online at http//, or at any USDA office, or call (866) 632¬9992 to request the form. You may also write a letter containing all of the information requested in the form. Send your completed complaint form or letter to us by mail at U.S. Department of Agriculture, Director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410, by fax (202) 690-7442 or email at

The Buckeye Hills-HVRDD Executive Committee has 15 members comprised of four non-elected representatives, one minority representative, Mayors of the two largest cities in the District, and eight county representatives appointed by county commissioners. Like the General Policy Council, two-thirds of the Executive Committee are elected officials; one-third are non-elected officials and minority representatives.

The 2016 Buckeye Hills Executive Committee Officers Include:


President:  Ron Moore           Vice-Pres. : Lenny Eliason           Treasurer: Joe Matthews
(Morgan County)                     (Athens County)                              (Washington County)

2016 Executive Committee

Vice-President: Lenny Eliason - Athens County Commissioner

Steve Patterson - Athens Mayor
Larry Dicken - Hocking County Commissioner
Open Seat

Brian Howard - Farmers Bank/Private Sector
Tim Ihle - Meigs County Commissioner
John Curtis - Private Sector
Carl Davis - Monroe County Commissioner
President: Ron Moore - Private Sector
Tim VanHorn - Morgan County Commissioner
Virgil Thompson - Noble County Commissioner

Tom Johnson - Mayor of Somerset
Treasurer: Joe Matthews - Mayor of Marietta
David White - Washington County Commissioner


GIS Mapping and Data Services

Buckeye Hills has been utilizing computerized GIS mapping technologies since the early 1990s.  Buckeye Hills uses this technology to supplement funding packages, to track and maintain local statistical information, and to help gather and disseminate pertinent spatial data to interested parties throughout the district. While most of the services are for our member local governments and related parties, we can occasionally do other projects as time and resources permit. Some of these services include:

  • customized Census maps
  • digital photography
  • technical assistance with projections, datum and file conversions
  • GIS analysis-overlays, viewsheds, slopes, etc.;
  • CD and DVD Recording of digital data and Census data;
  • sub-foot GPS capability;
  • technical assistance, training, demonstrations, or troubleshooting;
  • small or large full color maps for reports or plans; and
  • other custom maps.

GPS Data Collection Services

The staff at Buckeye Hills has been collecting unique spatial data using a GPS data collection unit since 2003.  Buckeye Hills is currently utilizing two Trimble Geo XT/XH (submeter and subfoot) GPS data collection units.  The resulting data is used to compliment Buckeye Hills' GIS activities with high accuracy local data. Some examples of projects completed using these GPS technologies include:

  • storm sewer inventories
  • small municipal public water systems (hydrants, valves, meters, etc.)
  • vegetation inventories
  • signage inventories
  • floodwater benchmarking
  • crash locations
  • utility location and inventories

For more information on our data collection services and recently completed projects, head over to

GIS Data Links

Local GIS Links

Ohio GIS Links

GIS Vendor/Product Links

For project suggestions, ideas, or other GIS/GPS related questions, please contact GIS Manager Bret Allphin at 740-374-9436.

Ohio International Market Access Grant for Exporters (IMAGE)

The Ohio Development Services Agency has estabilished a new program called the International Market Access Grant for Exporters (IMAGE).  In this program, companies may request up to a $6,000 reimbursement for export-related activities, however companies located in an Appalachian county may request up to an $8,000 reimbursement (50% on a $16,000 expenditure).
Eligible expenses include trade show participation (e.g. booth rental, freight costs to ship booth materials, participation fees, etc.), translation services (e.g. for website, marketing materials, labels, etc.), and U.S. Commercial Service projects (e.g. Gold Key, Int’l Partner Search, etc.). Companies may request an additional $3,000 to apply toward a State of Ohio trade mission, or $2,000 for a US Dept. of Commerce trade mission.

Program Website.


Noble County does not have an official website.

Noble County Chamber


Morgan County


Hocking County

City of Logan

Logan/Hocking Area Chamber


Monroe County

Monroe Chamber


Meigs Chamber

Meigs County Economic Development Office


Perry County

Perry County Chamber


Washington County

City of Marietta

Marietta Area Chamber

Belpre Area Chamber

SE Ohio Port Authority

Shale Development and Hydraulic Fracturing

As oil and gas developments related to the Marcellus and Utica Shale Plays begin to spread in to Eastern and Southeastern Ohio, we feel it is important to provide our members and constituents with as much information as possible. 


January 2014 - OSU Extension/ Economic Development Administration Study - 'Preparing Communities for Shale Development through Sustainable Planning.' Executive Summary 

OSU EDA Kick Off Meeting Presentation  - February 2014 (9.4 mb .pptx)

Regulatory Links:

Ohio DNR Shale Development Web Page

ODNR - The Facts About Hydraulic Fracturing.

Oil Gas Leasing Attorney Referrals (74.2kb .pdf)

Ohio Dormant Minerals - Ohio Revised Code 5301.56 (58.6kb .pdf)

Informational Links:

State Review of Oil and Natural Gas Environmental Regulations, Inc. (STRONGER - January, 2011): Ohio Hydraulic Fracturing State Review

Natural Gas Drilling in the Marcellus Shale: Economic Opportunities and Infrastructure Challenges

Dale Arnold's Powerpoint Presentation from the August 2 and 3 meetings in Marietta and Logan:  Slides.pdf (1.03mb)

Ohio Farm Bureau 

Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources (Division of Mineral Resources Management)

Fractured Appalachia

Easy to Understand Shale and Geoglogy Resources

OSU Extension Shale Education Program

Appalachian Regional Commission Application (ARC)

Construction Projects

Application Checklist Format (22.7kb .pdf)
ARC Form 1 Const. Equip. Projects (47kb .doc)
ARC Form 2 Access Road (43kb .doc)
HUD Certification (40kb .doc)
Index Pages (21kb .doc)
Memo of Understanding 3/26/03 (36kb .doc)
SF 424c (67kb .doc)
SF 424d Assurances (19kb .pdf)
SF 424 (78kb .xls)
Summary Sample (20kb .doc)  


Non-Construction Projects

ARC Form 3 Non Const. Proj. (47kb .doc)
302 Format (20kb .pdf)
Index Pages (20kb .doc)
Instructions for SF 424a (30kb .doc)
Memo of Understanding 3/26/03 (28kb .doc)
SF 424a (52kb .xls)
SF 424b Assurances (21kb .pdf)
SF 424 (78kb .xls)
Summary Sample (20kb .doc)

OPWC Round 27 Grant Information

Applications DUE October 1, 2012 by 5:00p.m.  Must have 1 original and 2 copies.


You are responsible for checking the OPWC website for the most up to date application available:  CLICK HERE

Round 27 Timetable (18kb .pdf)

Application Checklist (13kb .pdf)

Capital Improvement Report (CIR) Instructions (14kb .pdf)

CIR Page 1 - Summary Form

CIR Page 2 - Five Year Plan/ Maintenance of Effort

CIR Form - Example (27kb .pdf)

Evaluation Criteria (27kb .pdf)

Examples of Attachments (64kb .pdf) 

Guideline Booklet (118kb .pdf)

Membership Roster (82kb .pdf)

Repair/Replacement: New Expansion Def. (27kb .doc) 

Subdivision Codes (43kb .pdf)

Supplemental Sheet for Bridge Proj. (41kb .doc) 

Supplemental Sheet for Road, Culv., Guard., & Storm Water Proj. (45kb .doc) 

Supplemental Sheet for Water & Sewer Proj. (43kb .doc) 

Training Powerpoint (583kb .pdf)

RLF Application (2mb .pdf)

Small Government Rating Criteria - Revised 2010 (93.2kb .pdf)

Area Agency on Aging 8 (AAA8) Newsletters & Reports


January 2016


December 2015

November 2015

October 2015

September 2015

Aug. 2015

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Feb. 2015

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Dec. 2014

Nov. 2014

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2013 Aging & Disability Resource Network (ADRN) Impact Report

January 2013

February 2013

March 2013

April 2013

May 2013

June 2013

July 2013

August 2013

September 2013

October 2013

November 2013

December 2013


2012 Aging & Disability Resource Network (ADRN) Impact Report

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Buckeye Hills Development Department

Misty Casto – Executive Director

Rick Hindman – Asst. Executive Director

Jenny Simmons - Executive Assistant

Bret Allphin – Development Director

Gwynn Stewart Communications Director

Melissa Zoller - Development Specialist III

Michelle Hyer - Development Specialist III/District 18 Liaison

Karen Pawloski - Transportation Planning Manager

Tina Meunier - Business Development Coordinator

Jason Pyles - GIS Manager

Dru Sexton - GIS Specialist


Anthony Iachini - Development Site Coordinator

Please find your requested information/ document below.

Jacoby Powerpoint

Ohio PLSS 

Pomeroy Tunnel Information

B. Matheney

Project Terrain

2014 State LDD Grant Agreement - EDA

Cap. Budget Arts Projects

Colony Theater Information - May 2014

Allphin - NADO Denver 2014

EDA - OU Innovation Center Attachments

IRT Invoices - August 2015

Buckeye Hills Project Profile

Any entity or organization wishing to apply for grant funds available through Buckeye Hills must initially fill out a project profile. The project form can be completed electronically.
Project profile deadlines for 2016
~ Coming Soon
Project profiles submitted after this date will be held
until the next round.

Click HERE to fill in the form.

How to Prepare for Grant Application Assistance

The Buckeye Hills - Hocking Valley Regional Development District offers grant application assistance to its member governments. In order to be prepared for assistance requests, member governments are asked to provide the following with their initial assistance request:

  • Scope of Work for the Project
  • Project Sources and Uses of Funding
  • Primary Point of Contact from Member Government for Project with All Contact Information
  • DUNS and CCR Numbers*
  • Tax Identification Number

Additional information may be requested upon review of the needs of the funding application(s).

If you plan on applying for grants, register for today! provides information on over 1,000 grants and more than $500 billion in funding. This web site provides applicants and providers with a medium for transferring information through detailed grant postings and provision of electronic application submission. Additionally, registration for requires registration with Central Contractor Registration (CCR), providing an avenue for transfer of funds post-award. Registration can be lengthy, so it is important to have registered well before you turn in your grant application. Some of the things you will need to register are:

  • Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number (
  • Legal Business Name/Doing Business As
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Address Information
  • Business Start Date
  • Fiscal Year End Date
  • Average # of Employees
  • Average Annual Income
  • Bank Account Information
  • Accounts Receivable Contact Information
  • Primary Point of Contact Information

Appalachian Regional Commission

Buckeye Hills serves as the Local Development District (LDD) for the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC). The ARC provides funding opportunities in order to assist Appalachian communities in sustaining economic development and improving quality of life.

Economic Development Administration

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) provides various opportunities for federal investment in local projects that provide economic benefit to communities that would not be able to otherwise attract private investment. Buckeye Hills serves as the Economic Development District (EDD) for the EDA.

Census 2010

For information on release dates for specific data sets from the 2010 Census please click here.



You will Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. 

 For more information about Census data or related questions, please contact Bret Allphin. 


Redistricting Information 2011-2012

For additional information on redistricting issues in Ohio, please contact the Ohio Secretary of State's office here.

Ohio House/Senate

For general information concerning recent proposed redistricting in Ohio please click here.

For current maps of General Assembly Districts (Ohio House and Senate) click here

To view submitted proposals for General Assembly District revisions click here.

For information about the adopted plan and related maps click here.

U.S. Congress

For current maps of U.S. Congressional Districts in Ohio click here.

For the enaccted map of U.S. Congressional Districts in Ohio click here. (Updated 12-15-2011)

Recent RLF Success Stories
Athens Co.: Tone Zone Music Store
Monroe Co.: Dr. Holly Bell
Morgan Co: MetalAxis

Washington Co: Ketel1

To learn more about the Buckeye Hills RLF Program, contact Tina Meunier at 740-376-1033.

Buckeye Hills Revolving Loan Fund Invests in Family Business

At KeTel1 TeamWear, LLC, it's a family affair. Members of owners Brian and Wendy Ketelsen's immediate and extended families have helped the business thrive in downtown Marietta.
Click here to read more (scroll down to Buckeye Hills Revolving Loan Fund Invests in Family Business)





MetalAxis, a New Start-Up in McConnelsville, Benefits from
ARC and RLF Program Financing

MetalAxis Precision Machining LLC (part of Miba) is a start-up business which will be fully owned by Miba Sinter USA, LLC. Buckeye Hills worked with the Morgan County Community Improvement Corp. (CIC) and leaders from Miba Sinter Group to coordinate financing for a project that will provide equipment for MetalAxis. In addition to nearly $750,000 in owner equity and traditional bank loans, a grant from Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) for $250,000 through the (Morgan County Commissioners) and $300,000 from the Buckeye Hills revolving loan as well as $500,000 from CDBG through the Morgan CIC will help create and retain 35 short and long-term Morgan County jobs.

Miba sintered components are used in car engines, transmissions and steering systems of passenger vehicles. Their sophisticated design, which integrates several functions into one component, as well as their high precision, durability and lightweight structure sets them apart from the competition. Thus, Miba technology is contributing to greater efficiency and is helping save on fuel consumption.

“Miba Sinter USA is currently shipping parts made in the McConnelsville plant, to other states to have the machining process completed on the parts. They are then shipped back to McConnelsville for manufacturing completion and then shipped to the client,” explained Steve Krise, Miba Site Manager. “With the creation of MetalAxis, LLC, this will eliminate the need to outsource the machining process increasing overall quality control and decreasing costs.”

Ever since its foundation more than 80 years ago, Miba has been a success story, evolving from a small repair workshop into a leading international high-tech company. Represented on three continents, Miba has its headquarters in Upper Austria and it operates 20 sites around the world. Its products make the world’s cars, trucks, trains, ships, airplanes and power plants more powerful, environmentally-friendly and safer. For this purpose, they develop, produce and market technologically sophisticated and highly durable power train components.

The success of the company is made up of many individual factors, which combine to make Miba strong. Miba’s products and technologies have always facilitated resource-efficient mobility. Research and development of components for the power train design of the future are what keep Miba in motion. Miba Sinter Group develops and manufactures sintered components in Austria, Slovakia, the USA, China, India and Brazil. To learn more, visit


Buckeye Hills Revolving Loan Fund Supports Monroe County Chiropractor

In downtown Woodsfield (Monroe County), the facility located at 154 S. Main Street has been a health care location for many decades. With support from the Buckeye Hills-HVRDD Revolving Loan Fund (RLF), Holly Bell, DC, recently purchased the office for her Chiropractic practice.

The Buckeye Hills RLF continues to see business success stories and support job growth across the region. Programs like it are one of the primary economic development tools serving small businesses in rural areas.

“Our practice was formerly located in another office down the street with a family practitioner. When he needed space to expand, we worked out a move to the facility where we are currently located and were renting,” said Dr. Bell. “When the opportunity presented itself to purchase the site, it was the small business resources available from Buckeye Hills that made it possible.”

Dr. Bell is a graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. She has practiced since 1998 and is pleased to now be an even more permanent part of the Monroe County community.

Since the inception of the RLF Program, it has made loans totaling more than $7.5 million,” said Buckeye Hills Business Development Coordinator Tina Meunier. “These loans have created and retained hundreds of jobs across the region. If someone has a plan for a new business or is ready to take their existing business to the next level, the Revolving Loan Program may be the resource they need to make that plan a reality.”

To request a brochure to learn more about terms, rates and the business requirements of Revolving Loan Fund programs, contact Tina Meunier at 740-374-9436.


Revolving Loan Fund Supports The Tone Zone, an Athens Music Store 

The Buckeye Hills Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) program was pleased to work with owners Matt Swintek and Mike Fouty of Tone Zone located at 1002 East State Street in Athens on a revolving loan. 


The Tone Zone Music and Sound opened as a full service retail musical instrument store including lessons, repair services, rentals, sound equipment installation and consultation. They will also sell acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, full sized drum kits, keyboards, harmonicas, sound reinforcement equipment, band instruments and all types of accessories. They provide repair service on most instruments and have contracted with John Horne to provide onsite guitar lessons. John is well known throughout Athens and the surrounding area and brings an excellent client base. 


To learn more about the Buckeye Hills RLF Program, contact Tina Meunier at 740-376-1033.

The Appalachian Region of the U.S. is served by 73 Local Development Districts.  Each district is shown on the map above.  Click on an LDD to link to their website, or view their contact information. For more information about Local Development Districts in Appalachia, please visit the Development District Association of Appalachia (DDAA) website at

Click below for a high-quality map of all 73 LDD's including their contact information.

LDD Google Earth Data (KMZ 769kb)

LDD Map (Dec. 8, 2009)

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

The 2014 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) - Annual Report is due to EDA - Chicago by June 30, 2014.  Staff has completed work on this revised document. For further information on the CEDS and it's background, uses, and requirements, please visit the EDA website.


CEDS 2014 Annual Report

To submit a project for funding consideration by the EDA, it must appear on the Buckeye Hills CEDS project listing. To submit your project for inclusion on the CEDS project listing please complete the project submission form.

2014 CEDS Project Submission Form

To see the project listing from the 2013 CEDS Annual report, click below.

2013 CEDS Project Listing

Revised 2010 CEDS: 

2010 CEDS Summary (pdf, 193kb) 

2010 CEDS (pdf, 7.5mb) - Full Document

2010 CEDS Individual Chapters:


Related Items: 


Southeastern Ohio Broadband Inventory Map (Connect Ohio - Dec. 2009)
PDF - 2.4mb

Past CEDS Documents

2013 CEDS Annual Report
2012 CEDS Annual Report
2011 CEDS Annual Report

2009 CEDS Annual Report
2008 CEDS Annual Report
2007-2006 CEDS Annual Report
2005 Revised CEDS
2004 CEDS Annual Report
2003 CEDS Annual Report
2002 CEDS Annual Report
2001 CEDS Annual Report
2000 CEDS Annual Report
1999 CEDS Annual Report

Census 2000

To find Census 2000 information for your municipality, please choose your county from the section in the left side menu, or choose your county below.



You will Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. 

Maps and Directions

Buckeye Hills:   1400 Pike Street, Marietta, Ohio 45750 (For accurate results,
                          use this address ONLY for online routing; mapquest, google,
                          yahoo, etc)  

Click here for a pdf map and driving directions to our office.

Driving Directions:
From Columbus:   I-70 E to I-77 South. Take I-77 South exit #1 'Marietta'.
                           Stay to the left on the exit ramp. Turn left at the light at
                           the end of the ramp.  Proceed forward past Walmart and
                           Lowe's both on the right. Continue forward, Buckeye Hills is
                           on the right, across the street from Pioneer Chevrolet.

From Charleston:  Proceed to I-77 North. Take I-77 North exit #1 'Marietta', first
                           exit across the Ohio River. Stay straight on the exit ramp,
                           turn left at the light at the end of the ramp. Proceed forward past
                           Walmart and Lowe's both on the right. Continue forward, Buckeye
                           Hills is on the right, across the street from Pioneer Chevrolet.

From Athens:       Proceed to US 50/ SR 32 East toward Belpre. Continue on US 50 
                           East to left exit for OH 7 North 'Marietta'. Continue on OH 7 North
                           through Marietta following posted signage.  Proceed on OH 7 
                           North which becomes Pike Street, past Walmart and Lowe's on 
                           the right. Buckeye Hills is approx 1 mile or less ahead on the 
                           right, across from Pioneer Chevrolet.  

From West (McConnelsville, etc):  Proceed to OH 60 South, continue to Marietta. 
                           Upon entering Marietta, proceed forward past Marietta Memorial
                           Hospital on your left. You will now be on Third Street, which 
                           becomes OH 7 North. Continue on OH 7 North through Marietta 
                           following posted signage. Proceed on OH 7North which becomes 
                           Pike Street, past Walmart and Lowe's on the right. Buckeye Hills 
                           is approx 1 mile or less ahead on the right, across from Pioneer 


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