September 10, 2015


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 Final ODOT Regional Transportation Improvement Plan

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a schedule of transportation improvements in the Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional transportation planning area (Athens, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Noble, Perry & Washington Counties in southeastern Ohio). The TIP includes improvements to highways, public transit, bikeways, pedestrian facilities, bridges, traffic signals and other aspects of transportation systems.
Please contact Karen Pawloski at 740-376-7658 or

2018 RTPO Meeting Schedule Set:

Public Meeting Notice: Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) Technical Advisory and Citizens Committee Meetings

The Buckeye Hills Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) Technical Advisory and Citizens Advisory Committees meeting schedule:

  • Friday, Sept. 14, 2018
All meetings will be from 10a.m. – noon at Buckeye Hills’ office located at 1400 Pike Street in Marietta. If you have any questions regarding RTPO meetings, please contact Karen Pawloski, Transportation Planning Coordinator at 740-376-7658.

In July 2013, Buckeye Hills became one of five non-MPO regional councils in Ohio taking part in a new two year ODOT pilot program to estabilish Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs) in Ohio. The purpose of this pilot program was to provide the rural areas of Ohio that are not within the service boundaries of a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) a method by which to provide meaningful input to transportation planning activities taking place in Ohio. The pilot program was successfully completed in June 2015.

During February 2016, Governor John Kasich officially recognized each of the five partners as Regional Transportation Planning Organizations, pursuant to United States Code, Title 23, Section 135(m).

As part of this ongiong program, Buckeye Hills will continue to work with the Ohio Department of Transportation to accomplish the following basic work items as part of a larger scope of work:

– The creation and adoption of a Public Participation Plan;
– The creation and adoption of a Comprehensive Regional Transportation Plan document;
– The moderation of an ongoing and inclusive public involvement and outreach process.

For more information please visit the RTPO website.


For questions about the RTPO program or tranportation issues, please contact Transportation Planning Coordinator
Karen Pawloski or at740-376-7658.